When it comes to lifestyle and eating choices, it is important to bring your Whole Self along for the journey. Part of the reason so many programs and therapies fail is because they don’t address the “why” about eating and only talk about the “what”. If it was only about the “what” though, most of us wouldn’t have any problems associated with eating and lifestyle! Why do we so often make choices that go against our best interests? This is why I incorporate both my counseling degree and my nutrition degree.

My counseling philosophy boils down to “Now What”... This means that we dig into how you got to my office so we can understand the historical trajectory, but we don’t dwell there any longer than we need to in order to move forward with different tools and habits. Once we know the information, what do you want to change? Now What? Let’s focus on moving forward and becoming the vital healthy vibrant person you deserve to be.


  • Thyroid disorders

  • Adrenal exhaustion

  • Allergies: environmental and food based

  • Cancer challenges: preparation for and support during treatment; mitigation of treatment side effects; recovery and setting up the best possible environment to prevent recurrence

  • Depression and/or anxiety: nutrients have a profound effect on mood and emotional states

  • Diabetes: type 1, 2 and 1.5

  • Heart disease: prevention, medication reduction, lifestyle change

  • Menopause, PMS, and Andropause

  • Recovering from surgery or an accident to provide foundational nutrients for healing

  • Seeking optimal health or body composition balance

Because quality is so vital when it comes to nutritional and herbal supplements and I want my clients to have access to the best options I can find without breaking the bank, I have arranged for you to get direct access to a distributor and receive 20% off retail pricing. You will be given a personal account with your protocol. It is never required to purchase supplements this way, merely offered as a convenience. You are welcome to shop around and find the best deals, but are encouraged not to change brands, items, or doses without consulting with me first. There is a LOT of junk out there and I don’t want you to waste your hard earned money or purchase something that might do you harm. If you have an account but have misplaced your link to FullScript, you can click here for the main page and log in from there. For some of the best powdered greens available on the market, go to HealthForce.


If getting lab work done through your physician is challenging, you can order many of the common labs online now through reputable companies at reasonable prices.

Here are a few that I commonly recommend:

Direct Labs   - This lab offers a wide variety of test options including those from Genova and Doctors Data
MD Lab Tests  - This company also offers screenings for work related requirements
Private MD Labs  - This lab offers some specific tests that can be otherwise hard to find
23andMe  - This is a genetic testing site that offers information about your genetic make up which can be extremely useful as we create a path toward optimal health; then once you get your results there are a number of sites that use "alphabet soup" sorting software to help us make sense of the SNP results, like this one or this one.

In home sessions are offered within 10 miles of my offices to help remove potentially harmful ingredients from your pantry. (For those of you farther afield, we can set up a Skype or FaceTime session to do the same thing virtually.) This is often a great choice before opting for a Grocery Store Field Trip so you can determine which items need to be replaced for your optimal health.

These 1-2 hour tours help you put what you learn intellectually into Real World practice at the grocery store where you shop. You will learn to make choices that are consistent with the knowledge you gain in your individual appointments. Bring your grocery list and we’ll shop together.

A constantly evolving and changing array of classes and workshops are offered over the year at various locations to help foster your commitment to long term health. Some examples of classes include:

  • The Supplement ABCs series: exploring nutrients, why we might need them, and how to choose good options

  • The Eating Your Way To Health series with focuses on specific health challenges such as diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome

  • Eat Your Greens, Change Your Genes - what we know about genes, food, and the environment and what it means for our health now

  • Vitality, Stress, and Dis-Ease - how lifestyle shapes our health

  • Toxins - what’s out there and how to avoid as many as you can

  • Medication Induced Nutrient Depletions - the dark side of prescriptions and protecting yourself