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Helpful Links:

  • An article I helped write about the dangers of sugar and artificial sweeteners for the North Bay Biz Magazine

  • UCTV Osher Center for Integrative Medicine: a fantastic free educational resource for all sorts of health issues and questions

  • The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon Health Sciences University offers this Micronutrient Information Center where you can learn about vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

  • Environmental Working Group: an independent research lab that doesn't take funding from any sources that try to influence the results. A trustworthy resource for information on toxins in food, household products, personal care products, and seafood.

  • The Glycemic Index: a searchable database created and maintained by the University of Sydney Australia providing information on the glucose consequences of thousands of carbohydrates

  • NutritionData: a searchable database for nutrient content of thousands of foods

  • Top 10 Lists of foods containing certain nutrients such as highest in calcium, or highest in selenium

  • Organic Consumers Association: an information resource and advocacy campaign center for organics

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch app: lists of sustainable and safe seafood for your area

  • Low FODMAP recipes to help get you through a GI reset

  • In depth information on SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth

  • The Weisenthal Cancer Group offers genetic testing for cancer treatment to pinpoint the most effective chemotherapies for each individual cancer patient

  • 23andMe offers inexpensive genetic SNP testing which helps to reveal opportunities to develop targeted approaches to attaining and maintaining health in the long run. I recommend opting for the lower cost report because what you really want from them is the raw data file, not necessarily their ancestry reports unless that is of particular interest to you

  • After you run your 23andMe report, there are additional sites that can help you sort through the alphabet soup. Here are 4 that I like depending on your level of knowledge and interest:

    • GeneticGenie - This site is the simplest and gives you a basic sorting into two possible reports: detoxification pathways and methylation pathways. There is a basic explanation for these results. But because it's all done on a donation basis, this is the best option for those who are watching pennies right now.

    • FoundMyFitness - Rhonda Patrick PhD offers this low cost option for those who want more explanation and detail rather than just a list of SNPs and their status.

    • Sterling's App - You'll want the "variant" report to get as much detail as possible. This is a very reasonable option for a detailed report on multiple systems including eye health, detox, tongue tie/cleft palate, methylation, allergy/mold, IgE, IgA, IgG, clotting disorders, thyroid, celiacs/gluten intolerance, mitochondrial function and sulfonotransferase genes. It doesn't give the reader much handholding, but it will help a practitioner help you to understand how gene SNPs play into your current and future health

    • Promethease is a site that has detailed links to SNPedia and the research there. It's much more scientific and harder to understand without some knowledge of genetics, but a fantastic resource

    • StrateGene - pronounced "strah-tuh-jean" (I know, I see it as "straight-jean" too) - This site is great for detailed information about the following cycles: folate, methionine, transsulfuration, biopterin, histamine, and a few added bonus sections on other SNPs

  • Database of drug induced nutrient depletions so you can find out if the medications you're taking are doing some harm along with the good (we'll talk about this in your session)

  • Best counter-top water filter? Definitely this one by AquaTru!

Helpful Links to Resources in Marin, CA:

  • For exceptional quality bulk herbs, tinctures, and a curated collection of high quality supplements, visit Gathering Thyme in San Rafael. Owners Cheryl Fromholzer and Judy Lieblein are also insightful clinical herbalists.

  • The best grocery store options in Marin are the two locations for Good Earth in Mill Valley and Fairfax. Committed to the highest quality food sources including meats and fish, you can safely shop without fear of GMO contamination!

  • If you love Indian food try the organic options at Lotus in Fairfax. They also have gluten-free nan!

  • Sometimes you just want a burger, right? Check out FarmBurger in San Anselmo in the Red Hill Shopping Center or BelCampo at MarinMart in Larkspur

  • If you're a seafood lover you'll love FISH in Sausalito!

  • And if you're an ice-cream hound like me, don't miss The Scoop in Fairfax!

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