Realistic Eating & Active Lifestyle Partnerships and Supporters

 Marin County, California

Kia Sanford MS
Program Coordinator, Clinical Nutritionist and Counselor

Martin Rossman MD LAc 
Marin Integrative Medicine & Five Elements Acupuncture

Ann Hathaway MD
Integrative Medicine & Bioidentical Hormones

Amie Brooke LAc
Acupuncture & Traditional & Chinese Medicine

Jonathan Smith DC
Chiropractic & CranioSacral

David Kitts LAc
Licensed Acupuncturist 

Cheryl Fromholzer 
Gathering Thyme Herbal Dispensary & High Quality Supplements, Western Herbalist

April Blake ND.jpg

April Blake ND
Naturopathic Medicine and CranioSacral Therapy

Michael Westgate LMS
The master at Westgate Therapy providing Trigger Point and Neurokinetic Therapies

Janet Latoures LCSW
Clinical Social Work/Therapist


Deborah Gordon MD 
Homeopathic Physician

Jonathan Treasure MNIMH AHG 
Master Medical, Herbalist specializing in complementary cancer care

Judith Sanford BA LMT CST
Cranio-sacral work, Biovalent Systems, Lymph Drainage 

Jordan Weeda DC 
NUCCA technique

Ashland Co-Op
Community classes and healthy food

Richmond, Virginia

Lisa C. Smith LAc DOM
Health Offerings, Inc -  Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine